The making of pottery is a most ancient of art forms dating from the Neolithic period and originating in Japan. In 6000-5000 BC recognisable techniques were being used in China and Iran, whilst pre-Columbian American work was also being created. Throughout the 15th Century pottery style and technique evolved dramatically in Italy and the 17th Century saw European Delftware inspired by Japanese and Chinese designs and the emergence of Stoke on Trent in England as a major centre for the production of Porcelain with companies like Wedgwood, Spode, Royal Doulton and Minton. The evolution in Europe from soft paste porcelain to hard paste high quality porcelain was brought about by Johann Bottger in 1709 and a factory was created in Dresden called Meissen. Sevres in France came about in the late 1700’s. From origins in England – probably in Chelsea and factories in Bow – the charge and popularity was led by Josiah Wedgwood with Creamware, Jasperware and Black Basalt. Many new wares have developed along with designs, colours and glazes by differing world cultures with improvements in clay and firing techniques. The Art Deco period throughout Europe produced many notable ceramicists like Clarice Cliff and Kitaoji Rosanji.

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