Kitaoji Rosanjin

Kitaoji Rosanjin was a celebrated and important Japanese artist in his lifetime and one of the most compelling proponents of the Studio KotoKoto. The studio’s emphasis was on producing work that was used and not just looked at and Rosanjin who was a renowned chef in middle age built a kiln to produce ceramics to complete the gastronomic experience. Rosanjin’s creative genius was so great that he actually became celebrated for his work during his lifetime. He was born in Kyoto and following a troubled childhood caused by his parents became apprenticed as a calligrapher after winning many competitions through his natural ability. He came to the notice of wealthy patrons and following making the link between food and the vessels they were presented in began really garnering a significant following. Rosanjin helped open a famed Tokyo restaurant by the name of Hoshigaoka Saryo, which made him wealthy and put him in contact with the Tokyo elite. Rosanjin’s success was not without consequence and his fame brought out some of the more unpleasant sides of his character. He was married 5 times and eventually died of cirrhosis of the liver.

We have a beautiful bowl painted in cherry blossom and maple leaves for sale, which is in excellent condition, measuring 24 cms in diameter and which is available for £900 subject to prior sale. (Item 158)

Name Dimensions Price  
Rosanjin Bowl £900