About Richwood Fine Art

Richwood Fine Art was brought about by the desire to find and make available some of the best modern british and international fine art from around the world. We have over 40 years collective experience in art buying, selling and advising. We aim to provide paintings and drawings for sale to private clients wanting to add a special piece to an empty wall in the house, through to those looking to build or add to a world-class art collection for the home or business through investment grade artworks. We also provide services in valuation, collection building and display. Collecting is all about self expression and provided you enjoy what you buy, then you can never be unhappy with anything you purchase.

Alternative Investments are worth considering in an uncertain economic world and investment specialists like Merril Lynch recommend that 10% of any portfolio should be devoted to this class of asset. Apart from asset diversification the benefits are many, as fine art can prove to be a hedge against inflation, tax efficient, a safe haven when properly stored and looked after and have good potential for capital growth as well as bringing many years of pleasure hopefully to the owner.

Our company searches out the special and sometimes exceptional items from the plethora of familiar products you may find in many houses, antique shops, markets and auction houses . The goal is to bring these to you saving time, research and concern over authenticity, quality or price. We also provide detailed research and advice when requested to institutions and private clients. Our website offers a limited selection of what we have at any one time or are potentially able to source, so if you do not see what you are looking for please get in touch as we may be able to find it for you.


Richwood Fine Art Ltd is a privately run business based in the United Kingdom with the aim of making available an eclectic range of beautiful art, antiques and antiquities. Our philosophy is only to sell items that we would be proud to have in our own collection and which we aim to tailor to our clients’ individual interests and passion. As part of our service we hope to help clients understand the history of the pieces they are considering, to maximise their enjoyment of their investment or to simply fall in love with their purchase.

We are continuously looking to expand our inventory and ensure that our retail and trade clients have the finest quality available to them in a friendly professional and personalised manner. Being passionate about what we do, we are always on the lookout for a range of items from the decorative, through the iconic to the high style pieces that are irresistible and special. We can be contacted directly via the website or visited at the various Fairs we attend throughout the year.

Please add us to your Internet favourites list or drop in on the site frequently, as stock is always changing and while you are here feel free to browse to your heart’s content.

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