Rene Lalique (1860-1945)

Rene Lalique (1860 – 1945) was French and born in the village of Ay. He was a rural 19th century man in a pre-industrialised Europe who became one of the most famous glass designers in the world. He was noted for his jewellery, perfume bottles, vases, chandeliers, clocks and car hood ornaments. He started drawing and sketching as a child and was apprentice to Louis Aucoc following the death of his father when he was about 15. He even spent some time studying in England at Sydenham Art College in London. He was noted for his art deco stlye and famously produced glass for the dining room and grand salon of SS Normandie and the glass alter piece for St Mathews Church in Jersey. His work both old and modern is highly collectable and much is investment grade. His name is associated with some of the finest glassware and jewellery available and his name and glassware lives on with many Exhibitions, Auction Houses, Galleries and Shops selling a variety of original and modern limited edition pieces.


We  also have available an original Rene Lalique Chardons green patinated clear glass vase and four leafy corner motifs. The model number is 929 and the vase is circa 1922  measuring 19 cms high. The vase is signed and in very good original condition and priced at £950

Name Dimensions Price  
Rene Lalique Chardons Vase 19 cms High £950