Sabino Glass Vase

The Sabino Glass Company was founded by Marius Sabino who was born in Sicily in 1878. He moved to France when he was still a young boy and studied at L’Ecole Nationale des Arts Decoratifs and Beaux Art de Paris. His focus was on the challenges that the advent of electricity had on glass manufacture. It transpired that it was due to electric lights that Sabino came to produce glass. His original factory manufactured light fittings and quickly changed to glass.

In 1925 Sabino created an opalescent glass with a blue hue and iridescent impressions of clouds in a blue sky or a reflection from a water surface. He also made special lighting for cruise ships like The Normany in 1935. He also created a multitude of vases and decorative objects making use of his expertise as a sculptor in producing animals and busts of women, some were exceptionally large. Sabinos early glass had a softer soapier feel to the later glass and is highly desirable. The early glass was marked Sabino France if it was intended for exported and Sabino Paris if for sale within France.

We have a beautiful early Sabino Opalescent vase with a delightful bee decoration. The vase is signed, measures 18 cms high and is in excellent condition. It is priced at £950 

Name Dimensions Price  
Sabino Vase 18 cms high £950