Veryls Bowl

The brand Verlys was created by the USA Holphane Company who created a European subsidiary in 1920 called Societe Holophane Francais. The subsidiary was set up in Rouen Northern France with a focus on manufacturing vehicle lights. Due to the success of Companies like Rene Lalique and Sabino by 1925 Societe Holophane Francais expanded into making art glass vases and bowls. The new products were produced under a separate department and branded Verlys.

Initially the pieces were blown vessels with several layers of glass which were smooth on the outside and had internal decoration. From 1933 onwards they focused on high quality clear, frosted, coloured and opalescent items typical of Lalique of that period.

In 1935, they established Verlys of America in Ohio. Moulds were supplied from France for the Ohio works and many similar items were made in both locations. Production declined during WWII where the company focused on industrial products and Verlys art glass declined following the war until it ceased all together in the early 1950’s

We have a beautiful opalescent bowl from circa 1933-1935 with water nymphs creating the illusion of swimming around the edge of the bowl. This piece of art glass is from the important period of the company, is highly collectible in very good condition measuring 38.5 cms in diameter and is attractively priced at £595

Name Dimensions Price  
Verlys Nymph Bowl £595