Henri Jacot French Carriage Clock

Our beautiful fully working French carriage clock by Henri Jacot comes with a winding key and is not boxed. It is available for a sales price of £1,800 (Item 314).

Known to have been invented by Abraham-Louis Bréguet, spring driven carriage clocks were invented for traveling in carriages. French clocks were being made in the early part of the 1800s by one or two top makers with their portability making them ever popular. In France from 1850 the three most notable makers were Henri Jacot, Drocourt and Leroy. Here we have a Henri Jacot French carriage clock identified by the small parrot on a perch (Jacot being French for Parrot) on the backplate and initials HJ. Mr Jacot is one of the most keenly collected carriage clock makers due to the quality of his work and his style is recognised by the parrot and a thin ‘inner’ ring sighted around the inside of the chapter ring.

Name Dimensions Price  
Henri Jacot Travel Clock £1800