Richwood Fine Art & Antiques

Richwood Fine Art was brought about by the desire to find and make available some of the best modern british and international fine art from around the world. We have over 40 years collective experience in art buying, selling and advising. We aim to provide paintings and drawings for sale to private clients wanting to add a special piece to an empty wall in the house, through to those looking to build or add to a world-class art collection for the home or business through investment grade artworks. We also provide services in valuation, collection building and display. Collecting is all about self expression and provided you enjoy what you buy, then you can never be unhappy with anything you purchase.

What We Do

We use our network of contacts built over many years to make available fine works of art and antiques for private clients. Our range of specialist services also include commissioned valuations, research and consultancy, collection advice whether acquiring or de accessioning any pieces held, together with expertise on how best to care for any works our clients own.

Contact us

Interested in our services? You can use the below contact details to speak with a member of the Richwood Fine Art & Antiques team.

Telephone: +44(0)1257 462613
Alt Phone: +44(0)1257 462003