Roman Marble Lion

The Roman Marble Lion is well preserved, intact and has great features, which makes it a handsome decorative piece. It is made of solid marble which through centuries of burial is now off white brownish in colour, It measures approximately 8 x 5 inches, weighs 3.7 Kg and is available to you for a sales price of £825. (Item 308)

The lion was very much a symbol of power for the Roman Empire and savagely utilised as part of entertainment and to curb the rise of Christianity.

A gorgeous item is this proud Roman Lion dating from around 300 AD. Authentic and beautiful this article was excavated from the city of Jbeil, north of Beirut along with many other rare finds. It is a marvelous witness to the Roman culture and would grace any collection.

Name Dimensions Price  
Roman Marble Lion From Antiquity £825